Maren Behrensen

Intersex athletes: Do we need a gender police in professional sports?

During last year’s Athletics World Championships in Berlin, two athletes absorbed most of the public attention: Usain Bolt and Caster Semenya. Bolt was celebrated for his world records in the men’s 100m and the 200m dash. Semenya, whose performance in the women’s 800m run was as dominating as Bolt’s, was facing allegations that she was …
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Modernities Revisited – Introduction

  “Modernity” is one of the master concepts of nineteenth and especially twentieth century thought and it has, impressively, entered the twenty-first century largely intact. It is telling of its forcefulness that the concept has survived – and, indeed, emerged hardly altered after – the heavy battering of blows dealt it by postcolonial and postmodern …
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