Kinga Marulewska

Schmitt’s Political Theology as a Methodological Approach

In his two essays Carl Schmitt described a specific approach called by him a political theology. The exact interpretation of this method and its limits has not been clearly set, as there are at least two main aspects of Schmitt’s political theology. The first one is his strictly specified view of the relation between theology and the political sphere, which situates him in a long tradition of theologico-political reflection. However, this paper focuses mainly on the second aspect: political theology understood as a theory of conceptual history. Core features of Schmitt’s methodological approach seem promising for research conducted in the different fields of the modern humanities.
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The Idea of Political Representation

The problem of representation, as it appears in the context of justice, legitimacy, liberty and equality, has increasingly attracted scholarly interest. There is, however, no consensus on the point in political life at which proper representation is considered to have been achieved. Representation is often referred to when individuals or groups claim “equal” participation in …
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