Judith Butler

Parting Ways: Jewishness and the Critique of Zionism

Translated into Polish by Michał Filipczuk Paul Celan Visiting Fellow 2014 Judith Butler follows Edward Said’s late suggestion that through a consideration of Palestinian dispossession in relation to Jewish diasporic traditions a new ethos can be forged for a one-state solution. Butler engages Jewish philosophical positions to articulate a critique of political Zionism and its …
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Antigone’s Claim. Kinship between Life and Death

Translated into Polish by Mateusz Borowski Paul Celan Visiting Fellow 2009/10 The translation of Judith Butler’s book Antigone’s Claim into Polish necessitates a double detour. On the one hand, Butler’s argument draws on the German philosophic tradition (which stems from Hegel and Kant). Finding the Polish equivalents for the concepts she critically analyses, requires a …
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