Iryna Vushko

Enlightened Absolutism, Imperial Bureaucracy and Provincial Society. Austrian Project to Transform Galicia 1772-1815

The piece cited above was published in 1882 in Leipzig in the collection/periodical, edited by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Signed by Hofrath (the easiest translation is just “counselor”) von Sacher-Masoch and published by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, it seems to be written by Leopold’s father, who himself occupied an important post in Galician administration and together with his family resided in Lemberg , the capital of Galicia in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Yet the memoirs are composed in a very special way. Instead of sharing his own experience, Hofrath von Sacher Masoch recounted the experience of his father, Johan Nepomuk von Sacher…
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Policing the Empire:
Austrian Gambling Regulations during the Napoleonic Wars

In this paper I analyze gambling practices and their suppression by the police in the Habsburg monarchy during the Napoleonic wars (1792-1815). I focus on the so-called Glückshafen, a variation of Lotto, a popular gambling institution that was forbidden by the Austrian authorities in 1807. I use this institution as a prism through which to explore imperial connections in the Habsburg monarchy. This paper highlights the multi-vectored relations between Vienna and its provinces. I explain how decisions regarding one province impacted social norms and politics in the entire monarchy, how Vienna’s decisions concerning Italy were contingent upon the situation in (formerly Polish) Galicia, and vice-versa.
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