David Petruccelli

Vienna’s War on Drugs: Refugee Crises and the Recriminalization of Narcotics

The recent refugee crisis in Europe has resurrected many specters the continent thought it had banished. Calls for increased national sovereignty and a limitation on or dismantling of the EU, for an abandonment of multicultural policies and for strict immigration controls, have grown louder and more insistent. It may also revitalize the global drug control regime. Vienna’s efforts to stamp out the drug trade in the 1920s-30s helped birth the global war on drugs. The city’s efforts today may help save it.
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What Do Ideas Do?

Junior Visiting Fellows’ Conferences, Vol. XXXIII (2014)
Edited by: Agata Lisiak and Natalie Smolenski
Contributions by: Assaf Ashkenazi, Mariya Ivancheva, Agata Lisiak, Matthew Maguire, Kinga Marulewska, Oskar Mulej, Christina Plank, Krisztina Rácz, Volodymyr Sklokin, Natalie Smolenski, and Gregory Winger
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Re-thinking European Politics and History

Junior Visiting Fellows’ Conferences, Vol. XXXII (2012)
Edited by: Agnieszka Pasieka, David Petruccelli, and Ben Roth
Contributions by: Vera Asenova, Tamara Banjeglav, Philip Howe, Yulia Komleva, Olha Martynuk, Agnieszka Pasieka, David Petruccelli, Elizabeth Robinson, and Ben Roth
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