Andreas Elpidorou

In/visibility: Perspectives on Inclusion and Exclusion

It is not otiose to assert that the themes of inclusion and exclusion adequately capture, if not define, some of the most central issues, questions, and problems that confront us today. To a great extent, social-political matters – on local, global, and virtual levels – and issues concerning selfhood, embodiment, and personal nature are determined …
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The Upsurge of Spontaneity and the Rise of an Undivided Subject: The Role and Place of Merleau-Ponty in the Dreyfus-McDowell Debate

I. In an attempt to dispel “traditional prejudices” and to “return to phenomena,” Maurice Merleau-Ponty argues that conceptualist accounts of perception eradicate the true distinction between sense experience and judgment.[1] He writes: “Ordinary experience draws a clear distinction between sense experience and judgment. It sees judgment as the taking of a stand, as an effort …
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