Adrianne M. Rubeli

Threats to Sovereignty: The Case of Macedonia in the 1990?s

This paper will examine the complexity of Macedonian society, showing that its unique situation is a result of historical factors, as well as external and internal influences. The fledgling democratic nation maintains peace and stability in one of the world’s most volatile regions despite past and present challenges to its sovereignty. This paper will undertake a contemporary examination of Macedonia and its transition in the 1990’s from a republic of Yugoslavia to a sovereign nation. After holding free, multi-party elections in January 1991, Macedonia is beginning its tenth year of independence and democracy…
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Introduction: A Captured Moment in Time

“It is interesting to see what is important to others,” a junior fellow recently remarked at one of our informal gatherings, where discussion meandered through an array of though-provoking opics. This, at first glance innocent, sentence perfectly illustrates the essence of the fellows’ residence at the Institut fur die Wissenschaften vom Menschen. Active interest in and constructive dialogue with others who belong to different academic disciplines and national backgrounds, in varying stages of personal and intellectual development, form the basis of our understanding…
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