IWM Logo

The logo of the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (IWM) is an intellectual property of the Institute. All rights are reserved. You must not use the logo without written permission of the Institute.

Logo Guidelines

The logo of the IWM has been carefully designed and should not be altered in any way. The only allowed transformation of the IWM logo is a proportional scaling of the full logo graphic.


Do not alter the logo or separate the symbol from the logotype.
Do not rotate, stretch, or distort the logo.


The IWM logo can be reproduced in full colours (CMYK or RGB) or in monochrome.
Do not change the colour of the logo.
Do not use the logo on a background which is not providing sufficient contrast with the logo.

The area surrounding the IWM logo should always be free of other graphic or textual elements in order to maintain its visual integrity.


For additional information or assistance with embedding the IWM logo into your application, please contact the Public Relations Department.

Each application of the IWM logo needs to be approved by the IWM Public Relations Department before going public. Please send your applications or enquiries to:


IWM_Logo_2015_Vector_4c copy