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  • The latest podcast episode asks "What keeps democracies alive?"
    The newest episode of our podcast Democracy in Question? asks how we can foster and nurture democratic spaces and practices in our societies.
  • IWMpost 127 out now!
    The latest issue of the IWM's magazine, IWMpost, is now available in both digital and hard copies. “History and memory” make up the central focus of this issue. 
  • New "Made in IWM": Slovenian Translation of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century
    When non-fiction tops the list: 149 books in translation enabled by the Institute’s Paul Celan program This month, IWM Permanent Fellow Ludger Hagedorn introduces our "Made in IWM" piece. He interviewed Vesna Velkovrh Bukilica, a Paul Celan Fellow at the IWM in 2015, and the translator of the…

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