Hebrew University Fellowships

The European Forum at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the IWM jointly award one six-month Visiting Fellowship to a PhD candidate or a faculty member at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


The Visiting Fellow will be invited to spend a six-month term between October 2019 and June 2020 at the IWM in Vienna to pursue a research project while working in residence at the Institute as a member of its international, multidisciplinary scholarly community.

Senior fellows will receive a stipend of €22,000, junior fellows of €11,000 to cover accommodation, living expenses, travel, health insurance and incidentals during the stay at the Institute. Furthermore, the IWM will provide an office, access to the Internet, in-house research facilities and other relevant research resources in Vienna. In addition, the IWM will offer lunch five days a week. If the fellow chosen is not a student of the European Forum’s teaching programs, his department should co-sponsor 25% of the stipend (€ 2,750).


Eligible to apply for a fellowship are candidates in any discipline within the humanities and social sciences whose research interests correspond with the IWM’s main research fields.


The application should be submitted electronically to cas@savion.huji.ac.il and should contain the following documents:

  1. the application form
  2. a concise research proposal in English (max. 4 pages, double spaced, A4)
  3. abstract (appr 70 words)
  4. a curriculum vitae and passport photo
  5. two references (scholars familiar with the applicant’s academic work)

Deadline for Application:
The deadline for application was March 17, 2019. The next call will be announced in due time.

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