Albert Hirschman Fellowships

Hirschman_Hernan DIAZ 1962 side_600American social scientist Albert O. Hirschman was born in Berlin in 1915—a rotten time and a wrong place to be Jewish and progressive. When he was but nineteen years old, persecution, intolerance, and war decimated the cosmopolitan world that many of his generation had fought to defend. Hirschman left Germany, fought in Spain, smuggled people out of occupied France, and ended up in the U.S. as one of the most distinguished experts on Latin America and the problems of economic development. Unsurprisingly for someone who constantly mediated the nuances between leaving, fighting, and accepting, Hirschman was preoccupied by two fundamental questions: Why do people engage or disengage in public welfare? And how do people bring about social or political change?

The Albert Hirschman Fellowship will be given to distinguished senior scholars, who have contributed to re-framing some of the major questions in social sciences. It intends to bring to the IWM leading senior scholars with a view to fostering dialogue across the generations and to contribute to younger scholars developing a critical stance on current intellectual fashions.

The fellowship is up to three months and it granted on invitation only.


Former Fellows