14 Dec

Does Capitalism Need Liberalism?

The year 2017 marks a decade since the outburst of the world-scale financial crisis which has resulted in the longest period of economic stagnation after 1945. In addition to economic troubles, Europe had to cope with other pressing challenges, such as mass migrations, rapid technological and ecological transformation, violent conflicts at the European borders, and …
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26 Oct

Free Speech

Freedom of speech has become an increasingly contested issue not only in Europe but across the world as the highly divisive debates on cartoons and blasphemy or the charges of sedition and treason for so-callled “anti-national rhetoric” show. The Tischner debate will address some of the recent controversies around this important principle of liberal democracy, …
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30 May

Remembering and Forgetting

The future of the nation is linked to contention about its past. Debates on re-thinking of national histories have accompanied the recent resurgence of nationalism in Europe and beyond. What is being forgotten and remembered, and to what purposes and with what consequences?  Participants will address various issues like: What is the relationship of professional historiography …
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18 Nov

Membership and Identity

As the refugee and immigration crisis intensifies, questions of identity, membership and solidarity become central. Social exclusion has decisive effects both on the group that excludes and on those excluded, shaping the identities of both who ‘we’ are and how ‘they’ are defined. The practice of exclusion springs from, and reinforces, one familiar kind of …
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17 May

Europe and Its Nations

Europe and Its Nations Tischner Debate XIX Introduction: Joschka Fischer former German Minister of Foreign Affairs Participants: Rafa? Dutkiewicz Mayor of Wroclaw Aleksander Hall Historian; Minister in the government of Tadeusz Mazowiecki Aleksander Kwa?niewski Former President of Poland Jerzy Pilch Polish writer and journalist Moderators: Marcin Król Professor of the History of Ideas, Warsaw University; …
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18 Feb

Obama and the New World Order

Introduction: James Hoge Editor-in-Chief of Foreign Affairs Participants: W?odzimierz Cimoszewicz Member of Polish Senate, former Polish Prime Minister Rados?aw Sikorski Foreign Minister of Poland Aleksander Smolar President of the Stefan Batory Foundation, Warsaw Moderators: Marcin Król Professor of the History of Ideas, Warsaw University; member of the IWM Academic Advisory Board Krzysztof Michalski Professor of …
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24 Nov

Russia, Poland and WW II

Introduction: Victor Erofeyev Russian writer Participants: Yaroslav Hrytsak Director of the Institute for Historical Research, Lviv National University Adam Michnik Editor in Chief at Gazeta Wyborcza Adam Daniel Rotfeld Former Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Timothy Snyder Professor of Modern East European Political History at Yale University; IWM Permanent Fellow, Vienna Moderators: Marcin Król Professor …
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19 Oct

Crisis of Capitalism?

Introduction: Jennifer Hochschild Professor of Government, Harvard University Participants: Michal Boni Chancellery of the Polish Prime Minister Roman Frydman Professor of Economics, New York University Witold Orlowski Professor of Economics at the WUT Business School, Warsaw; former Economic Advisor to the President of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski Aleksander Smolar President of the Stefan Batory Foundation, Warsaw; …
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