05 Oct

Cossacks and Enlightenment

My talk deals with the impact of Enlightenment ideas on rethinking the image of Cossacks in the Ukrainian peripheries of the Russian Empire in the second half of the eighteenth century. I examine the mechanisms through which eighteenth century West European Enlightenment political and historical thought provided intellectual resources for both orientalizing the Cossack political …
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14 Sep

How to Be a Climate Change Journalist in Ukraine and Why Environmental Storytelling Can Help Spread Important Ideas

Since Ukraine is an agrarian country, the importance of knowledge about climate change cannot be overestimated. In fact, today we already have regions where we harvest potatoes and corn twice a year, and regions where grapes and peaches ripen, which have not even been cultivated before. It is very important to talk not only about …
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29 Jun

Religious Perspectives on Global Solidarity in the Era of Global Crises

All three global crises of recent times – the financial crisis of 2008, the refugee crisis, and now the coronavirus crisis – have been, among other things, tests of solidarity. But what is it that decides in a concrete situation, whether solidarity is extended to those in need or not? Especially interesting are those cases, …
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25 Jun

Europe-Asia Research Platform: Forced Migration

Europe has been implicated in streams of contemporary migration, described as the continent‘s so-called migration crisis arising from the ongoing conflicts in West Asia and other parts of the Asian conti-nent, as well as forced displacement from Africa. Issues around forced migration have also impacted the knowledge structures in social sciences, environmen-tal sciences, area studies, …
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23 Jun

Junior Visiting Fellows‘ Conference

Program: 10:00-10:15 Opening remarks 10:15-10:45 The Bourgeois and the Caveman: Liberalism and Stone Age Economics Stanislas Richard PhD candidate in Political Theory, Central European University, Budapest Discussant: Miloš Vec (IWM) [Read abstract] 10:45-11:15 The Taste of the “Global Cheese Power”: Making Cheese – Repositioning the Country Volha Biziukova PhD candidate in Cultural and Social Anthropology, University …
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15 Jun

Social and Ecological Movements in “Apocalyptic Times”

Ecological discourses are in upheaval once again. After the 2018 IPCC report made clear that the timeframe to avoid the worst scenarios is rapidly shrinking, new societal groups have taken the streets. Discerning different strategies for social transformation and their respective relations to utopian/dystopian ecological imaginaries, the paper outlines three ideal types of social movements. …
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02 Jun

WhatsApp Israel?

There are not many individuals in the world, who do not know Israel. Who did not hear something, good or bad, about it? Many have strong opinions about what is happening in this small country. The country that was once a model society of equality and liberal democracy is now a partner to more conservative …
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25 May

Parenting and Education

Middle class parents in reproducing their children’s middle classness face a complex web of paths to navigate towards a future that seems less controllable. Education is the primary means of the reproduction of class positions and hence education is the field that unravels both modern parenting and class inequalities. What happens when class gets entangled …
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18 May

Kidnapped from Nazism, or the Greek Tragedy of Central Europe

Our paper recalls the essay The Tragedy of Central Europe, written by the Czech novelist Milan Kundera. We criticize the unhistorical cold-war image of the West that Kundera employs. In his reading, the Second World War just did not take place. We do not mean this objection as an external critique. Since why should someone …
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20 Apr

Democratic Backsliding in Eastern Europe

Back in the late 2000s, when all former Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe acquired full membership of the European Union, it appeared as if these countries were on their way to democratic normality. What happened instead was that many of them underwent democratic backsliding. As the region transitioned from the accession to the post-accession era, …
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