25 May

Parenting and Education

Middle class parents in reproducing their children’s middle classness face a complex web of paths to navigate towards a future that seems less controllable. Education is the primary means of the reproduction of class positions and hence education is the field that unravels both modern parenting and class inequalities. What happens when class gets entangled …
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18 May

Kidnapped from Nazism, or the Greek Tragedy of Central Europe

Our paper recalls the essay The Tragedy of Central Europe, written by the Czech novelist Milan Kundera. We criticize the unhistorical cold-war image of the West that Kundera employs. In his reading, the Second World War just did not take place. We do not mean this objection as an external critique. Since why should someone …
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20 Apr

Democratic Backsliding in Eastern Europe

Back in the late 2000s, when all former Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe acquired full membership of the European Union, it appeared as if these countries were on their way to democratic normality. What happened instead was that many of them underwent democratic backsliding. As the region transitioned from the accession to the post-accession era, …
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06 Apr

The Importance of Being Funny

This talk is part of a book project on the cultural history of Jewish artistic presence in German-speaking cabaret and film in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. (During my fellowship at the IWM, I am researching materials at the Austrian Exile Archive at ÖNB and the Österreichisches Kabarettarchiv in Graz.) In this presentation for the colloquium, I …
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