Monthly Lectures

Once a month public lectures take place in the IWM library on subjects related to the main research interests of the Institute. The purpose of these lectures is to be a window into the Institute’s work. Speakers include Visiting Fellows and international experts.

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October 2020


Homo Itinerans 

Afghan society has been marked in a lasting way by war and the exodus of part of its population, but also by the presence of a myriad of international and nongovernmental organizations, as well as armed forces from many countries. Adopting mobility as an analytical key, playing with scales, I will present my recent book, which …
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Democracy: A Fragile Way of Life

After the Cold War ended, liberal democracy was taken for granted. Now it is in crisis: citizens distrust parliamentary politics, the people’s parties are losing members and votes, and social media are crowding out public debates. Challenging the sense of despair that informs recent studies on how democracy dies, Till van Rahden argues that it …
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September 2020


COVID-19 and Democracy: A New Mode of Governance?

The Berlin Republic of today is neither Weimar (1918–1932) nor Bonn (1949–1990). It is by all standards the best democracy ever on German soil. Nevertheless, during the COVID-19 crisis there was a shift from democracy as a mode of governance to what the controversial legal theorist Carl Schmitt (1922) affirmingly described as a “state of …
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May 2020


“WhatsApp Israel?”

There are not many individuals in the world, who do not know Israel. Who did not hear something, good or bad, about it? Many have strong opinions about what is happening in this small country. The country that was once a model society of equality and liberal democracy is now a partner to more conservative …
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March 2020


The Remains of the Real. Politics after Postmodernism

There was a moment in the 1990ties, in the era of high postmodernism, when it seemed that social reality has had no stable foundations and as such it can be freely and totally transformed by interventions in the registers of symbols and images. Various social, political and economic developments of the last two decades – …
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