Monthly Lectures

Once a month public lectures take place in the IWM library on subjects related to the main research interests of the Institute. The purpose of these lectures is to be a window into the Institute’s work. Speakers include Visiting Fellows and international experts.

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December 2019


Antisemitism Resisted and Denied

The talk examines three moments in the history of twentieth-century antisemitism in which it faced organized opposition on a transnational scale. The first case concerns the discriminatory policies of the late tsarist empire and the role of antisemitism as a mobilizing factor in the civil war that followed the revolution. The second revolves around the …
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May 2019


Migrants and City Making in Disempowered Cities

What do cities which have lost their economic, political, and cultural power and population reveal about the location of migrants in city-making and urban politics? What do they disclose about the fault lines of neoliberal urban redevelopment? Empirical findings from left-behind cities might provide new insights to think about migrants, urban politics, and current populist …
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April 2019


Imaginaries of Democracy and Dissent

When Charles Taylor engaged in explorations of modern social imaginaries more than two decades ago, he could hardly have predicted how popular his inquiry would become among political and legal philosophers in recent years. Imaginaries precede theoretical knowledge and refer to the ways people imagine and share their social existence. As deeply entrenched modes of collective understanding, they evolve …
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March 2019


Statelessness in South Asia

The lecture examines the entanglements of citizenship policies and practices with the spread of statelessness today. It discusses the genesis of the Rohingya question in Myanmar in the broader context of citizenship registration drives in some postcolonial countries, which render massive number of “illegal immigrants” stateless. Current citizenship policies in these countries reflect the desire …
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February 2019


Aid in Times of Crisis, the Crisis of Aid

Aid is still regarded as an important instrument for human development, nationally and internationally. Yet, the nature of aid, its structuring and implementation has changed considerably in recent years. It has been increasingly integrated into the financial and economic system, giving rise to a thriving new industry dealing in „social bonds“ and „social business“, thus …
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January 2019


International Lawyers’ Failing

Miloš Vec will analyze the intersection of the idea of pariah weapons with clashes between moral verdicts and legal bans in the 19th century. The industrial revolution and subsequent technological progress enabled the production and use of a new range of weapons and military equipment. How did international law and lawyers react to this development? …
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