IWM Lectures in Human Sciences

The IWM launched this series of  public lectures in 2000 on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Hans  Georg Gadamer, supporter of the Institute  since its inception. Selected lectures have been published in English (Harvard University Press, Cambridge), German (Passagen Verlag, Wien; Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin) and Polish (Kurhaus Publishers, Warsaw) (see Publications).

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Previous Speakers:

2019/3: Eva Illouz, University of Jerusalem
Does Capitalism Erode Democracy?

2019/2: Wolfgang Streeck, University of Cologne
The International State System after Neoliberalism

2019/1: Dani Rodrik, Harvard University
Karl Polanyi and Globalization’s Wrong Turn

2018: Valentin Groebner, Universität Luzern
Reden wir über Reinheit

2017: Stephen Kotkin, Princeton
Sphere of Influence

2016: Rosa Brooks, Georgetown
The Future of War

2015: Timothy Snyder, Yale / Vienna
Ukraine, Russia, and Europe, Past and Future

2014: Dipesh Chakrabarty, Chicago
The Climate Question

2013: Jan Werner Mueller, Princeton
We the People: On Populism and Democracy

2012: Peter Brown, Princeton
‘For the Ransom of the Soul’
Wealth, Death and the Afterlife from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages

2010: Vincent Descombes, Paris
Puzzling Identities
Philosophical Reflections on the Phenomenon of Identity Crisis

2006: Claus Offe, Berlin
Soziale Macht: Formen, Kontrolle und Nutzen

2004: Ryszard Kapuscinski, Warsaw
On Others

2003: Abraham B. Yehoshua, Haifa
The Shaping of Jewish Identity
Three Bible Stories

2002: Cornelia Klinger, Tübingen / Vienna
“Nicht nach dem Maße des Menschen gebaut”
Der verlorene Ort des Subjekts im System der modernen Gesellschaft

2001: Paul Ricoeur, Paris
The Process of Recognition

2000: Charles Taylor, Montreal
The Varieties of Religion Today:
William James Revisited after 100 Years



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