Fellows Colloquium

Fellows Colloquia are public events which take place on Mondays from 16:00 to 17:30. Their aim is to give the IWM Fellows and Guests a possibility to present their current project and discuss it with other Fellows and Guests currently at the IWM and with the broader Viennese audience. At every colloquium there is a speaker, a moderator and – if possible – a commentator. Fellows Colloquia encourage valuable interdisciplinary conversation, which is one of the aims of Fellowships at the IWM. The colloquia are also an occasion to learn about each other’s projects and begin, or continue, an intellectual exchange that would benefit each person’s research, whilst fostering a vibrant academic community at the Institute. We welcome Guests as well as Vienna based academics in this forum and expect active participation of all IWM Fellows.

February 2021


Whose Story? Which Sacrifice?

Sacrifice may be a topic of intense philosophical-theological academic debate, but it is also the everyday experience of millions of ordinary people. Scholarly reflection on sacrifice has produced an ambiguous discourse which stretches across numerous disciplines from anthropology, to religious and social studies, to ethics. Sacrifice has of course developed within the religious-cultic context and …
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