What’s Wrong with Public Debate Today?

Friday, 27 May 2011, 7:00pm - 8:30pm, Bruno Kreisky Forum

Discussion with Clair Fox, Peter Kende, and Ivan Krastev

Public discourse has been eroded throughout Europe in recent years. The crisis of print media narrows the space for serious reflection. The liberalization of content production that the Internet and social networks brought along – although entailing the promise for better information and greater diversity of opinions – actually makes people less informed and more “ghettoized” amongst the like-minded. And finally, consumerism and populist politics limit as well the chances for open and critical public debate.

What is the state of public discourse today? How does it impact our democracies? What is the role of critical discussion in our societies? And: who are the proponents and the opponents?

Clair Fox
Director of the Institute of Ideas (IoI), London
Peter Kende
Sociologist, co-founder of the Imre Nagy Insitute, Brussels
Ivan Krastev
Chair of the Board, Centre for Liberals Strategies, Sofia; Permanent Fellow at the IWM, Vienna
Chris Keulemans
Journalist, writer, and Director of De Tolhiustin Cultural Center, Amsterdam

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