Transcendence and Self-Transcendence

Thursday, 20 October 2016, 9:30am - Friday, 21 October 2016, 1:00pm, IWM library
In this workshop we will investigate the relationships between traditional concepts of transcendence and immanence, with a special emphasis on the role of self-transcendence at their interface.  The workshop will address the following questions: How do the semantics of religious systems of knowledge relate human practices of self-transcendence to their central “tales of transcendence”? What role does the transcending nature of the body, time-consciousness, and the symbolic play in the very constitution of transcendence?  What role does the distinction between activity and passivity play in this context and how might it be transformed to shed new light on the overall question? How can we conceive of the lived intertwining between “tales of transcendence” and practices of “self-transcendence” both in philosophy and theology?

In confronting these questions, we hope to conjoin both disciplines involved, i.e., philosophy and theology, in a truly interdisciplinary exchange.

This international workshop is part of the Slovenian-Austrian bilateral research project (ARRS J6-7325; FWF I 2785) The Return of the Religious in Postmodern Thought.

[Download the Workshop_Program as PDF]

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