The Haunted House

Monday, 12 October 2015, 4:00pm - 5:30pm, IWM library
This seminar will discuss captivation with the past as a subconscious consensus that unites all social strata in contemporary Russia. It will also address the hybrid archaism that is present in the cultural and media landscape, examining how it is becoming a new model for Russian statehood.

Maria Stepanova lives and works in Moscow. She is a poet, essayist and journalist. She is the founder of the online journal, reconfigured in 2012 as, where she is editor-in-chief. The journal exists solely on public donations and writes about cultural, social and political questions of contemporary Russia. Stepanova’s literary work has received numerous awards; her book Physiology and Small History won the prestigious Andrei Bely Prize in 2005. The first extensive selection of her poems in English translation appeared in the anthology Relocations (2013).

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