The Incentives, Barriers and Perspectives of China’s National Climate Policy

Tuesday, 28 September 2010, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Einführung und Moderation: Franz Fischler
Kommentar: Alexander Van der Bellen

Last November, a few weeks before Copenhagen, the Chinese government announced its 40-45% carbon reduction goal as its 2020 national mitigation target. This pledge became international when China submitted it for the Copenhagen accord in February.
Where does this target come from? As a developing country, China’s offers a relative target. Is it ambitious enough? What is the assessment so far? What are the incentives for both the central and the local governments to implement this target? What is the overall mitigation framework and measures possibly adopted by the policy makers? What are the major barriers to accomplish this goal? What are the long term scenarios for China to join the global task to secure climate security?

Dr. Yu Jie headed the Policy and Research Program of “The Climate Group” in Beijing. She supervised the Low carbon cities, low carbon technology policy, and the carbon market research programs.

Prior to joining TCG, Dr. Yu worked as Vice President for P”olicy, Climate Change Capital,” a low carbon banking group. She also served as a program manager for the Heinrich Boell Foundation, leading its climate and environment funding projects; and from 2004-2006, as Policy Advisor for Greenpeace China. Dr. Yu has participated in UNFCCC conferences since 2004 and gave a speech on behalf of CAN International at the plenary of UNFCCC COP10. In her early career, Dr. Yu was a journalist for Hong Kong based Chinese newspaper Takung Pao in its mainland branch.
Dr. Yu holds a doctorate in public policy from Nanjing University. Her interests focus on China’s policies towards climate change and energy conservation, and more generally on policy perspectives of Chinese civil society, where she has accumulated hands-on experience.
She is one of the authors of China’s first wind energy report and the main author of the first energy efficient building consumer hand book for China. Currently she is working as part of an academic group writing the Chinese government’s national climate change report. Dr. Yu frequently writes for the Financial Times and Caijing (Finance) magazine.

Franz Fischler is President of the EcoSocial Forum Europe. He served as EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries from 1995 to 2004.

Alexander Van der Bellen is the Spokesperson of the Green Party for International Developments and Foreign Policy in the Austrian Parliament.


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