Practices of the Self and Spiritual Practices

Tuesday, 17 March 2015, 4:00pm - 5:30pm

978-0-8028-7226-5_horujy_Practices of the Self_cov.inddSergey S. Horujy
Practices of the Self and Spiritual Practices
Michel Foucault and the Eastern Christian Discourse

Edited with an introduction by Kristina Stoeckl
Translated by Boris Jakim
Grand Rapids (Michigan): Eerdmans, 2015 (forthcoming)


In this book, presented at the IWM, Sergey Horujy undertakes a novel comparative analysis of Foucault’s theory of practices of the self and the Eastern Orthodox ascetical tradition of Hesychasm, revealing great affinity between these two radical “subject-less” approaches to anthropology. As he facilitates the dialogue between the two, he offers both an original treatment of ascetical and mystical practices and an up-to-date interpretation of Foucault that goes against the grain of mainstream scholarship.

In the second half of the book Horujy transitions from the dialogue with Foucault to his own work of Christian philosophy, rooted in — but not limited to — the Eastern Christian philosophical and theological tradition. Horujy’s thinking exemplifies the postsecular nature of our contemporary period and serves as a powerful invitation to think beyond religious-secular divides in philosophy and Eastern-Western divides in intellectual history.

Sergey S. Horujy
Professor, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences; Director, Institute of Synergic Anthropology, Moscow
Michael Staudigl
Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Vienna; former Visiting Fellow at the IWM
Arpad Szakolczai
Professor of Sociology; University College Cork
Kristina Stoeckl (Chair)
IWM Research Director (Religious Traditionalism and Politics); APART Fellow of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Department of Political Sciences, University of Vienna