Popular Revolt, Populist Turn: Turkey’s Critical Turn After a Decade of AKP Rule

Thursday, 27 June 2013, 6:30pm - 8:00pm, IWM library

Political Salon with Soli Özel

Recent developments in Turkey had precipitously brought the country into an almost existential crossroads. Will the government heed a widespread, pluralistic, popular outcry and deepen Turkish democracy or be lured by the siren calls of populism and monopolistic power? “The road not taken” will have repercussions beyond Turkey’s own destiny. A seemingly disinterested, long myopic and currently nearly paralyzed EU may need to have a fresh look at its most challenging file.

Soli Özel

Soli Özel
Professor of International Relations and Political Science, Kadir Has University

Ivan Krastev
Chair of the Board, Centre for Liberal Strategies (Sofia); IWM Permanent Fellow
Christian Ultsch
Head of the Foreign Politics Department, Die Presse

„Die AKP ist von der Macht berauscht“
Interview with Soli Özel, Die Presse, 26.06.2013

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