New and Old Culture Wars in Europe and the Place of Central Europe

Wednesday, 24 January 2018, 6:00pm - 7:30pm, IWM library
The Monthly Lecture has had to be cancelled! We appreciate your understanding!

The Euro crisis and the migration crisis have revealed deep cleavages within Europe. The former is not just the financial crisis of the common currency, or the devastation of the reliance on particular financial institutions. But this crisis touched the very essence of the political identity of many democratic societies questioning their expectations and beliefs regarding political sovereignty. It made them face the politically existential question: whether they are still political entities capable of the fundamental rights of self-determination. The latter case of the migration crisis has led to profound consequences for existing cultural and religious identities, provoking new cultural and religious conflicts within European societies. Are we facing today new and old cultural wars in Europe? How should the development of Central European countries be placed in this context?


Marek Cichocki is research director of the Natolin European Centre, editor-in-chief of the periodical „New Europe. Natolin Review” and professor at the Collegium Civitas. He is a former advisor to the President of the Republic of Poland in the field of the Constitutional Treaty and Sherpa for the negotiations of the Lisbon Treaty. He specializes in the subject of German affairs, European integration and history of political thought.