Ideologies Between Ridicule and Subversion

Monday, 19 November 2018, 4:00pm - 5:30pm, IWM library
Peter Berger once spoke of „ die grimmige Humorlosigkeit der revolutionaeren Ideologien”. Starting from this, I try to analyze ideologies in general and not only „revolutionary” ones. I shall discuss two characteristics of ideological discourse: 1. Its diffuse, invasive aspect, that ultimately suspends the separation between „public” and „private”. Ideologies end by pervading the sphere of privacy, leaving no space for any kind of individual freedom. 2. Any ideology tends to be the source of a neverending vicious circle: each ideological construction spontaneously stimulates the opposite ideological construction. And finally I wonder about solutions:can one escape from the „burocracy”of ideologies? And if yes, how?

Andrei Pleșu  is a philosopher, essayist, journalist, literary and art critic and the founder of the New Europe College in Bucharest. He has been intermittently involved in Rumanian politics assuming the roles of Minister of Culture (1989–91), Minister of Foreign Affairs (1997–99) and presidential counsellor for external affairs (2004–05). From October–November 2018 he will be a guest at the IWM.

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