Human Existence as Movement

Wednesday, 4 June 2014, 9:00am - Thursday, 5 June 2014, 6:00pm, IWM library
Central to the philosophy of Jan Patočka is the conception of human existence as movement. To exist means moving towards the realization of goals, which are not predetermined. Instead, the potential realization of these goals, the opening up of the possible as such, depends on the constitutive exposure of human existence to freedom and negativity.

This existential approach is also significant for the political sphere. Phenomena such as exile, revolution and war, the uprooting and social alienation of individuals, or the shaking of religious belief designate an experience of loss of ground and therefore urge us to question the meaning of existence. This workshop wants to explore the current importance of these ideas with reference to Patočka and related thinkers.

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