Have Ukraine’s Reforms Failed?

Wednesday, 16 September 2015, 6:00pm - 7:30pm, IWM library

Second only to “war”, “reform” is probably the word most frequently bandied about by Ukraine’s leadership. President Petro Poroshenko announced de-oligarchisation, yet the nation sees the rise of new oligarchs. Politicians talk about fighting corruption, yet nobody is jailed for corruption. And so the story goes on. Does all this mean that Ukraine’s reform efforts have failed? Are there any success stories? Journalists Katya Gorchinskaya of RFE/RL and Cathrin Kahlweit of Süddeutsche Zeitung will together try to answer those and other questions.

VF_GorchinskayaKatya Gorchinskaya lives and works in Kyiv. Since May 2015 she is Managing Editor for Investigative Programming at Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty. Previously she worked for nearly seven years as Deputy Editor-in-chief of the Kyiv Post, Ukraine’s English-language newspaper. She is a regular contributor to the Guardian and has also written for The Wall Street Journal, the Economist and the Financial Times.
Gorchinskaya co-founded Ukraine’s National Award for Best Journalistic Investigation in 2014, shortly after starting, along with 12 other journalists, the YanukovychLeaks project. She is also on the Board of the Democratic Practice initiative which supports democracy-building and public anti-corruption initiatives in Ukraine.
Currently she is a  Milena Jesenská Visiting Fellow at the IWM, writing a documentary book about Ukraine’s latest revolution.

Cathrin Kahlweit has been Correspondent for Central and Eastern Europe at Süddeutsche Zeitung for which she has worked since 1989. She studied Political Science and Russian in the US, Germany and the USSR and has contributed to various newspapers and TV channels. Her books include Architekten des Umbruchs, Jahrhundertfrauen, and Träume sind mir nicht genug (with Renate Künast).


Organized by the IWM Department of the School of Kyiv – Kyiv Biennial 2015 and under the auspices of the Ukraine in European Dialogue program. With kind support of ERSTE Foundation.