De-Occupation: Another Take on Donbas

Monday, 21 March 2016, 4:00pm - 5:30pm, IWM library
Olena Styazhkina, Professor of History at Donetsk National University, now teaching in Mariupol and Vynnytsia, is also a novelist writing in Russian and one of the most important public voices of the Ukrainian Donbas. Doing research on everyday life in Ukraine under Nazi occupation and having lived through the so called “Russian spring” in her home town she is best situated to reflect on the human and existential dimensions of such experience. Arguing against the convenient logic of collective guilt she contends that the time to start thinking about strategies for handling de-occupation has already come.

Olena Styazhkina is Professor of History at the Mariupol State University and Donetsk National University in Vinnitsa. Currently, she is a Guest of the program Ukraine in European Dialogue at the IWM.


Tatiana Zhurzhenko
Research Director, Ukraine in European Dialogue, IWM; Research Director, Russia in Global Dialogue, IWM

Kate Younger
PhD candidate in Russian and East European History, Yale University; former Research Associate, United Europe – Divided History, IWM

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