Any Future for Welfare Capitalism and a European Social Model – or even Post-Capitalism?

Wednesday, 11 December 2019, 4:00pm - 5:30pm, IWM library
30 years after the collapse of „Communism“ or European State Socialism, Capitalism isn’t triumphant towards a neo-liberal „End of History“ any longer but crisis-shaken and riven between most dynamic creative disruption and unpredictable self-destructive but also transformative tendencies. This crisis differs significantly across the globe, and also within Europe, between North-Western, Latin, Continental, Central and South-Eastern Europe. Is it, under such adverse circumstances, simply quixotic to ask whether there is any future for Welfare Capitalism and a “European Social Model” – or even Post-Capitalism? The presentation will cover both almost „hopeless“ but also some rather „promising“ cases in point of sustainable future welfare in a Global Europe.

Bernd Marin is director of the European Bureau for Policy Consulting and Social Research in Vienna. Currently, he is a Europe’s Futures Fellow at the IWM.

Comment by Claus Offe

The event is the second of two colloquia: Monday, 9 December, 4:00pm, Claus Offe will be speaking on 30 Jahre nach dem Staatssozialismus: Zehn aktive Baustellen, the colloquium on 11 December is in response.

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