The public debates, reflect the Institute’s political and practical interests, i.e., to discuss openly the self-understanding of the society we are living in. Many of these debates are conceived as long-term series.

October 2020


US Elections 2020

The election of Donald Trump as 45th president of the US four years ago was a sea change in many ways, but above all a sign of rising populism and a changing world order. His tenure has unsettled the transatlantic relationship, questioned the nature of multilateralism by insisting on transactional relations, doubted the need for NATO. …
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April 2020


Europe After the Pandemic

The future of Europe after the crisis caused by COVID-19 according to Ivan Krastev, political scientist, IWM Permanent Fellow and president of the Centre of Liberal Strategies in Sofia, and Jordi Vaquer, political analyst of the Open Society Initiative for Europe. Conversation in Catalan and English, with subtitles in Catalan and Spanish.   In colaboration …
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March 2020


Warum wir am Frauentag auch über Männer reden sollten…

 Der internationale Frauentag ist eine gute Gelegenheit, um auch über Männer zu sprechen. Das lange gepflegte Ideal von Männlichkeit, das Stärke und Härte voraussetzt, ist längst nicht mehr gültig. Frauen wehren sich gegen die  Ausprägungen dieser „toxischen Männlichkeit“ – mit immer mehr Erfolg. Das hilft auch den Männern. Über das Klischee des starken Mannes …
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January 2020


The Dangers of Digital Democracy

All over the world, elections are manipulated by fake news, public opinion is radicalized via social media and electronic voting processes are subject to hacker attacks. The Internet was once seen as an opportunity for more democracy, but today concerns about the future of free elections prevail. Eric Frey, editor of Der Standard, will speak …
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