The public debates, reflect the Institute’s political and practical interests, i.e., to discuss openly the self-understanding of the society we are living in. Many of these debates are conceived as long-term series.

November 2019


Europäische Nation vs. Europa der Nationen?

Mit Constanze Itzel, Museumsdirektorin, House of European History, Ivan Krastev, Politologe und IWM Permanent Fellow, Jacques Rupnik, Politikwissenschaftler und Historiker, Ruth Wodak, Sprachwissenschaftlerin, Lancaster University und Universität Wien Moderation: Ivan Vejvoda, Politologe und Leiter des Projekts Europe’s Futures Seit über zehn Jahren verwandelt die hochkarätig besetzte Gesprächsreihe Europa im Diskurs das Burgtheater in eine Agora …
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Thirty Years After: Europe’s Unfinished revolution?

 The year 1989 stands for a historical caesura that deeply changed the face of Europe. Now, its 30th anniversary prompts us to recall the year’s dramatic events, but also to reflect on the many implications that those events still have for us today. A public debate between Czech political scientist Jiří Přibán and Slovak …
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June 2019


Which Future for Democracy in a Post-political Age

The lecture will analyze the current conjuncture in Western liberal democracies and the reasons for the increasing success of right-wing populist movements. It will elaborate the thesis that the only way to fight against those movements is to develop left populist alternatives. Specifically, it shall be argued that it is a lack of understanding for …
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March 2019


Brexit: Deal or No Deal? What’s next for Britain and the EU?

In June 2016, the majority of the British population voted in favour of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. Since then, this decision has created enormous political waves within Great Britain – it has been in fact already termed as the biggest political crisis in the UK since World War II. It has also …
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February 2019


Vorhang auf oder Schotten dicht? Was bleibt von 1989?

Im Frühsommer 1989 bekam der Eiserne Vorhang erste Risse. Im November 1989 fiel symbolträchtig die Berliner Mauer, bis Jahresende verschwanden die alten Regime in der DDR, in Polen, Ungarn, in der Tschechoslowakei, in Bulgarien und Rumänien. Es war eine historische Zäsur – politisch, wirtschaftlich, gesellschaftlich. Plötzlich schienen Freiheit und Demokratie überall möglich, und das geteilte …
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January 2019


McMafia and the Geopolitics of Crime

Organized crime is part of all our worlds—often without us even knowing. In our times of the return of geopolitics Misha Glenny renowned author and journalist will present and discuss the deep and intricate connections in the world of international organized crime and how these developments affect today’s politics and societies. Misha Glenny is a speaker, …
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