Social Justice

Eva Illouz:
Does Capitalism erode Democracy?

“Does Capitalism erode Democracy?” Die israelische Soziologin Eva Illouz, die mit ihren Büchern über die Liebe im Konsumkapitalismus berühmt wurde, im Vortrag und Gespräch mit Johannes Kaup. In ihren Büchern “Warum Liebe wehtut” und “Warum Liebe endet” zeigt Eva Illouz, wie durch Selbstoptimierung, Kommerzialisierung des Intimlebens und digitale Kommunikation das Gefühlsleben zutiefst verunsichert wird. In …
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Jan Sowa:
The Remains of the Real. Politics after Postmodernism

Fellows Colloquium, Monday, 8 June 2020 There was a moment in the 1990’s, in the era of high postmodernism, when it seemed that social reality has had no stable foundations and as such it can be freely and totally transformed by interventions in the registers of symbols and images. Various social, political and economic developments …
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Ivan Krastev:
After Europe

Political Salon, November 2017. Can democratic institutions be transformed to serve exclusionary ends? Why has the ongoing refugee crisis transformed the politics of Central and Eastern European states—despite the fact that these countries host virtually no migrants? And what do demographic and generational changes mean for the liberal consensus that emerged in the wake of …
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Claus Offe:
Varieties of Inequality

Two things are established beyond any reasonable doubt. First, inequality of income and, even more so, wealth have steadily increased in the OECD world since the 1980s. Second, prevailing levels and drivers of inequality are not just obscene in terms of any conceivable notion of social justice; they are also severely damaging for the entire …
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