Michael Geyer:
When Nations Panic

Historically, nationalism and imperialism are evil twins. They depend on each other and hate each other. They shaped 20th century European and global development; and their study has lessons to offer for the 21st. Self-determination and Sovereignty emerge as key terms. It turns out that self-determining nations are anything but sovereign and they tend to …
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Aleida Assmann:
Die Wiederaneignung der Nation
Erinnerung, Identität und Gefühle

Wir sind heute geneigt, ‘Nation’ mit ‘Nationalismus’ gleichzusetzen. Das ist naheliegend angesichts der verheerenden Exzesse von Gewalt, die der Nationalismus und vor allem der Nationalsozialismus im 20. Jahrhundert entfesselt haben. Das Erstarken rechter Parteien in Europa bestätigt heute die Sorge, dass von den Nationen wieder der Ausschluss von Minderheiten, Verfolgung und Gewalt ausgehen können. Aber …
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Nationalism and Europe’s Turn to the Right

In the 1990s nationalism and right-wing radicalism in Europe were considered things of the past. An increasingly enlarged, and a somewhat more integrated, European Union was usually regarded as an inclusive political project. Having tamed the beast of nationalism, the EU was seen to guarantee the cosmopolitan and democratic future of European nations. Even the …
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Zhanna Nemtsova:
New Russian Nationalism

Throughout his time in power, Putin has been committed to (re-)inventing a Russian national idea. In the end, he opted for the worst possible version – revival of imperial glory. It proved to be the easiest method of securing his power, as imperial sentiments are still widespread. As a result, Russian society is now seen …
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Anton Shekhovtsov:
Russia and the Western Far Right

The lecture discusses relations between various Russian actors (activists, politicians, organisations, media, officials, etc.) and the Western far right. It provides a historical perspective, discussing the pro-Soviet or pro-Russian views of particular Western far right activists, but its major focus is contemporary Russia. As Moscow has become more anti-Western, contacts with the Western far right …
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Europe’s Far Right on the Rise:
Defending Democracy, Promoting Alternatives

European polities are facing a challenge from the far right unprecedented in the post-WW II era. This new fascism is well financed, transnational and intent on turning the clock backwards on democracy, human rights, and the freedoms of minorities. They also often promote climate change denial at this dangerous moment for the ecological future of …
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Debating Europe:
European Nation vs. Europe of Nations?

The panel discussion focused on the possibilities and limits of a “European nation” in relation to a “Europe of nations”: Why is the concept of the nation so successful today? How to deal with the resurgence of nationalism and isolationist tendencies in Europe? With: Constanze Itzel (Director of the House of Europe, Brussels), Ruth Wodak …
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Gilles Kepel and Chantal Mouffe in Conversation with Philipp Blom:
Is Europe Taking a Right Turn?

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis Europe seemed to be moving to the left. The old continent was marked by anti-austerity protests with inequality in the center of the political debate. Syriza and Podemos captured the imagination of the young far beyond Greece and Spain. But then came the refugee »crisis« and Europe …
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