Marian Benbow, Ayse Caglar, Christoph Pinter, Ruth Wodak:
The Architecture of Global Migration Politics

The new Global Compacts on Refugees and Migrants are important documents of the global politics of migration. They are also valuable documents to understand the way migration is politically and intellectually constructed as a research and policy issue. In their multi-stakeholder and market-inspired approach, these documents identify the role of migration/migrants in global economy prioritizing …
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Luiza Bialasiewicz:
The Right to Appear – The (Geo)Politics of Visibility in Today’s Europe

This lecture draws our attention to a new (geo)politics of visibility that is profoundly reshaping European cities and our understanding of who, and what, can appear where. Taking as its starting point a series of recent events, the talk examines the imagined geographies of Islamic presence in today’s Europe. It looks at contestations regarding not …
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Jan-Werner Müller:
We the People – On Populism and Democracy

IWM Lectures in Human Sciences 2013 Lecture I: What is Populism? “Populism” has become one of the most wide-spread terms of political analysis, especially in Europe.  At the same time, historians, political theorists, and social scientists deeply disagree about the meaning of the concept, with some claiming that there is no such a thing at …
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Ruth Wodak:
Discourse and National Identities.
Austria 1995 – 2005 – 2015

Since the 1980s, the transformation of the former Eastern bloc, Germany’s reunification, the enlargement and deeper integration of the European Union, together with persistent debates about migration, have focused ever more attention on issues of historical and cultural identities. Indeed, seemingly established collective, national identities became contested political terrain and the focus of political struggles. …
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Alessandro Monsutti:
Beyond the ‘Refugee Crisis’ – Afghan Asylum Seekers in Europe

The mass influx in Europe of people fleeing violence and poverty is framed in public discourses in terms of ‘crisis’, with the figure of the ‘migrant other’ portrayed as a challenge to Europe’s security, identity and values. This narrative tends to obscure the longer social, political and economic dynamics that have led to such a …
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Europa im Diskurs:
Flüchtlinge in Europa: Wie schaffen wir das?

Auch im Jahr 2016 hatte die Europäische Union  keine überzeugende Antwort auf die Herausforderungen, die die Ankunft und die Integration von hunderttausenden Flüchtlingen stellten. Wie könnte eine gesamteuropäische Flüchtlingspolitik aussehen, und was steht ihrer Realisierung entgegen? Werden 1,2 Mio. Flüchtlinge eine Gesellschaft von 500 Mio. Menschen in der EU verändern? Es diskutierten: Melissa Fleming Sprecherin …
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Luiza Bialasiewicz, Ruth Wodak:
Borderwork in the City

Drawing upon on-going research on anti-migrant mobilization in several European cities, Luiza Bialasiewicz, Professor of European Governance (University of Amsterdam) and Ruth Wodak, Emerita Distinguished Professor of Discourse Studies (Lancaster University) discuss the role of new forms of citizen activism and new political aesthetics in imagining (and forcefully enacting) exclusionary landscapes. In particular, they query …
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