Jerzy Giedroyc Junior Visiting Fellowships

Jobs and Calls

The Institute for Human Sciences invites applications for the Jerzy Giedroyc Junior Visiting Fellowships. In recognition of Giedroyc’s legacy as founding editor of Kultura, and his contributions to promoting wider understanding of the interconnected history and intellectual traditions of the lands of modern-day Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, and Ukraine, these fellowships are designated for scholars working on projects related to:

  • Polish-Ukrainian, Polish-Belarusian, and Polish-Lithuanian relations, and related questions of history, politics, and literature


  • The legacy of Giedroyc particularly, and/or the journal and publishing house Kultura

The Jerzy Giedroyc Junior Visiting Fellowships are open to all academic disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

More information and a link to the online application form is available via the program page on this website.