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Jubiläum: 30 Jahre Transit – Europäische Revue im Zeitraffer

Vor 30 Jahren erschien die erste Nummer der Zeitschrift Transit – Europäische Revue. Anlässlich dieses Jubiläums hat das IWM  eine illustrierte Chronik der ersten zehn Jahre gestaltet.
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Vor 30 Jahren erschien die erste Nummer der Zeitschrift Transit – Europäische Revue

  Von Klaus Nellen Nicht lange nach der Gründung des Instituts für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (IWM) im Jahr 1982 begannen wir von einer eigenen Zeitschrift zu träumen, die ihre Leserinnen und Leser daran erinnern würde, dass die in Jalta beschlossene Teilung des Kontinents künstlich war und der „Osten“ nie aufgehört hatte, ein Teil Europas …
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Jakob Fürst

Head of Programs
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Geoffrey Galt Harpham: Scholarship and Freedom

Why are scholars and scholarship invariably distrusted and attacked by authoritarian regimes? In his latest book Scholarship and Freedom, Geoffrey Galt Harpham argues that at its core, scholarship is informed by an emancipatory agenda based on a permanent openness to the new, an unlimited responsiveness to evidence, and a commitment to conversion. Read his interview with Ewa Atanassow.
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The Freedom of Scholarship Is Like Fire”:
Ewa Atanassow in Conversation with Geoffrey Galt Harpham

Geoffrey, the title of your new book announces two subjects in a relation. How would you define scholarship? What is freedom? And how do scholarly practices illuminate or complicate the meaning of freedom? Hi, Ewa.  These are all big questions, but I’ll try to be concise.  Scholarship, as I define it, is an argument about …
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Eric Reinhart and Eram Alam:
The Neocoloniality of Who Cares: US Underinvestment in Medical Education Exacerbates Global Inequities

November 17, 2020
The US has chronically underinvested in medical education and relies on the annual recruitment of thousands of foreign trained healthcare professionals from nations with far greater unmet healthcare needs. This bears partial responsibility for the dire situation India finds itself in during the pandemic, write Eric Reinhart, currently IWM Visiting Fellow, and Eram Alam.
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Institutes for Advanced Study and the Current Pandemic – Potentials and Capacities for the European Research Area

Like many institutions in the cultural and academic space, the European Institutes of Advanced Study are currently facing enormous challenges. At the IWM, as well as at our partner institutes, we have actively accepted these challenges and have been diversifying our types and forms of work to meet them. Applications for fellowships are of the …
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Slavenka Drakulic:
Surviving COVID-19

November 10, 2020
After six days on a ventilator in Stockholm, Croatian writer, essayist and journalist Slavenka Drakulić, who has been a guest and speaker at the IWM several times, reckons with returning to herself. Read her article published on the Yale Review website.
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Incentives to Increase the Use of Tracing and Testing Apps: Carrots or Sticks?

IWM Rector Shalini Randeria moderated a panel discussion with Patricia Ndumbi, (Technical Officer, World Health Organization) and Suerie Moon (Co-Director, Global Health Centre, The Graduate Institute Geneva) at an online conference organized by the Graduate Institute Geneva on October 27.
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The Other Europe. Interviews Behind the Iron Curtain

The Other Europe is the name of a six-part series, shot in 1987–1988 in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, especially Czechoslovakia, Hungary, East Germany, Poland and Romania. The documentary, including interviews with Bronislaw Geremek, Václav Havel, Lech Wałęsa, György Konrád and many others, was produced for the British Channel Four by the former …
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