Masha Gessen:
‘I never thought I’d say it, but Trump is worse than Putin’

Former IWM Visiting Fellow Masha Gessen in an interview with The Guardian on their latest publication “Surviving Autocracy” (Granta Books, 2020) and who’s worse Putin or Trump?

After Donald Trump was elected president of the United States in 2016, Masha Gessen wrote an essay in the New York Review of Books arguing that it was folly to regard him as a regular politician and predicting that he would attempt to transform America into a Putin-style autocracy. Gessen’s new book, Surviving Autocracy, demonstrates how Trump has come closer to achieving autocratic rule than most people would have thought possible.

How do you feel about your predictions having come to pass?
If you look at the essay, I think it holds up awfully well, unfortunately. There’s nothing in it that I would walk back. At the same time, a lot of the things that have happened in the past three years have shocked me.

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Masha Gessen is a Russian-American author and journalist who has been writing about Vladimir Putin and other modern autocrats for two decades. In July 2016 they were a Russia in Global Dialogue Guest at the IWM.

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