Ivan Krastev:
Authoritarian Leaders Do Not Benefit From the Corona Crisis

IWM Permanent Fellow Ivan Krastev talks with Boris Marte, Head of Erste HUB, in Erste Foundation’s video series “The Call” about his role as public intellectual in times of crisis, the authority of science, power of fear, trading freedom for safety and the danger of not taking risks.


People wrongly believe that authoritarian leaders are going to be the major beneficiaries of the corona crisis. This is not true.

“It is not true for a very simple reason: the most important freedom that every authoritarian leader cares about is the freedom to choose the crises to wich he responds. Because every dictator dreams to be God. And God is never solving problems that he has not created himself.”

Watch The Call with Ivan Krastev

Ivan Krastev is chair of the Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia, and a Permanent Fellow at the IWM.

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