Artwork by Maxim Kantor

Dear Friends,
Jesus in this boat (or mandorla) will cross the ocean (or sky) – and his endless effort, almost impossible effort , endless ability to resist to death – this is something we need today.
And I trust that we will win.
Much love to all of you.


Maxim Kantor, born in Russia, is a German/Argentinian  painter, writer, essayist and art historian. He is a honorary Fellow of Pembroke College in Oxford, Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa at Turin University, Visiting Professor at University of Notre Dame in Indiana, and member of the Russian Academy of Art. In February 2018 he was a Visiting Fellow of  IWM’s program Russia in Global Dialogue. He gifted his Faust Cycles 2018 as well as his “livres d’artiste” production Faust 2018 to  the IWM, which were exhibited from September to December 2018 at the IWM.

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