Charles Taylor:
After COVID-19, we will have ‘the mother of all battles’ over the future of the planet…

Charles Taylor, IWM Permanent Fellow and Canada’s best-known philosopher, has lived through the most transformative events this country has experienced in the past 80 years — the Second World War, the creation of the modern welfare state, the Quiet Revolution, the October Crisis, the Quebec sovereignty referendum and the rise of multiculturalism as a defining as a defining characteristic of being Canadian. In 2008, he co-chaired the Bouchard–Taylor Commission on reasonable accommodation in Quebec.

Throughout it all, he has retained a deep-rooted belief in humanity and describes himself as “hopelessly optimistic.” He is renowned for his work on the common good and what we owe each other.

Charles Taylor, a professor emeritus at McGill University, spoke to The Sunday Edition‘s host Michael Enright about how COVID-19 is transforming our society and what gives him hope for the future.

Listen to the interview on CBC Radio.

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