Anthony Barnett:
Out of the Belly of Hell: COVID-19 and the Humanisation of Globalisation

It turns out we did change the world. And we must keep changing it, writes Anthony Barnett, co-founder of and IWM Visiting Fellow in 2018 in his latest contribution – a history of the world since 1968 and what happens next.

I am going to write about how the impact of the coronavirus shows we all got globalisation wrong, but that we have created the conditions to replace it, why this has happened and what we should do. To achieve this I’ve looked at when globalisation as we know it began and what happened. This means I’ve set out a history of the last fifty years. While brief, it’s long for the web and you may find reading a PDF version easier. Or you can just read Chapters 1 and 4. First, I want to say three things.



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