Europe’s Futures Events

February 18-19 2019
Academic Workshop, London School of Economics
Globalisation, Europe and the Democratic Crisis
Organized by IWM and LSE

12 December 2018
Public debate, Warsaw, Poland
How to Defend the Rule of Law and Human Rights within the EU and Outside
Ewa Kulik-Bielińska (director of Stefan Batory Foundation), Piotr Buras, Gerald Knaus, Adam Bodnar (Polish Ombudsman)

5 December 2018
Panel Discussion, IWM
Migration, Development and the Future of the EU
Elisabeth Scheibelhofer (UniWien), Luke Cooper, Adrian Dohotaru (Romanian MP) and Tim Judah

4 December 2018
Public Debate, ERSTE Foundation, Vienna
Where is Central Europe Heading?
Marci Shore, Wojciech Przybylski (Visegrad Insight) and Joerg Fabrig (GMF US)

5 November 2018
Fellows’ Colloquium, IWM
Historical Sociology, ‘Fortress Europe’ and the EU’s Frontier Politics
Luke Cooper

24-25 September 2018
Conference, Hotel DeFrance, Vienna
Generation Next – Europe’s Futures
In cooperation with the Aspen Institute Romania&Aspen Institute Central Europe

17 September 2018
Fellows’ Colloquium, IWM
Europe’s Futures
Rosa Balfour (Europe’s Democratic Recession and Its Global Role), Zsuzsanna Szelenyi (Creating Political Alternatives to New Authoritarianism Within the European Union), Stefan Lehne (Focus of Research During “Europe’s Futures” Fellowship)

13 September 2018
Seminar, IWM
Europe’s Futures Special Session on Kosovo and Serbia

10 September 2018
Fellows’ Colloquium, IWM
Europe’s Futures
Gerald Knaus, Piotr Buras (joint thesis: Defending liberal Europe in 2019) and Tim Judah (Bye, Bye Balkans)