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Fields of Expertise at the IWM:

Regional Expertise:
Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, India, South Asia etc.

Thematic Areas of Expertise:

  • Shalini Randeria (Anthropology/Sociology): Anthropology of Globalization and Development, Transnationalisation of Law, Legal Pluralism, Multiple Modernities and Post-Coloniality
  • Ivan Krastev (Political Sciences): Future of Democracy, Protest Movements, Russian Politics
  • Timothy Snyder (History): History of Central and Eastern Europe, Holocaust Studies, Ukraine, Memory and National Historiographies
  • János Mátyás Kovács (Economics): History of Economic Thought,  Communism and Post-Communist Transformations
  • Charles Taylor (Philosophy): Religion and Secularism, Political Theory, Philosophy of Action
  • Miloš Vec (European Legal and Constitutional History): Multinormativity, History of International Law and International Relations, Regulatory Regimes
  • Ivan Vejvoda (Political Science): EU Enlargement & Integration; Balkans, Civil Society, Democracy
  • Tatiana Thurzhenko: Ukraine, Russia, Gender Studies
  • Ludger Hagedorn: Modernity and Secularization, Jan Patočka, Phenomenology, Political Philosophy

Further topics, disciplines and regions are covered by our Visiting Fellows and invited speakers.

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