Luiza Bialasiewicz


Jean Monnet Professor of EU External Relations, University of Amsterdam

Bronisław Geremek Visiting Fellow
(October 2015 – June 2016)


Other Empires, Other Europes: Europe, Beyond Territory

The project will examine the relationship between territory and the European idea by looking at the experience of two trans-national empires that once spanned the EU’s Eastern and Southern borderlands: the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Venetian Republic. In particular, it will focus on the unique ‘geographical imaginations’ of political community that allowed both empires to transcend the territorial trap that would bind later nation-state formations, thinking what lessons they can hold for Europe today.


Where Do We Want the EU’s Borders to Lie?

The centres and camps that already exist at Europe’s borders (and those being proposed) are not simply de-territorialized, exceptional, ‘waiting spaces’ where European rights do not (yet) apply. They are rather sites that are crucial to the sorting and organization of the right to European rights, through a principle of differentiated inclusion. Access to the right to asylum is thus no longer regulated through physical presence on national territory, but determined in geographically-dispersed locations.
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