Andras Bozoki

Sociology, Budapest
JVF 1990/91


Free and Unfair: The Hungarian Elections

Hungary's parliamentary elections in April saw a 61% turnout, the lowest since 1998. The high abstention rate was a sign of disaffection with Hungarian politics: four-tenths of the electorate believed it was left without a genuine political choice.
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The Hungarian Shock: Transition from Democracy?

With all of its problems, Hungary after 1989 has been a success story, but now the success is challenged in ways that are very much unexpected.  From the happy story of the transition from dictatorship to democracy, there is a looming potential tragedy, a transition from democracy.  In the second part of 2010, we Hungarians …
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Hopes and Illusions: Idealism in Hungarian Politics

In this paper I will confront some political expectations of 1989 with the realities of democratic politics of the past two decades. Naturally, after all revolutions, post-revolutionary decades always represent an era of lost illusions. The often quoted ’return to normalcy’ does not only mean the institutionalization and consolidation of democracy but also the return …
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