Ukraine in European Dialogue

Euromaidan_Wiki Commons_SliderAs millions of Ukrainians take risks for the sake of a European future for their country, a historic opportunity presents itself to create a platform for dialogue between Ukrainian scholars, intellectuals and activists and their counterparts in Europe and North America. For Ukraine, intellectual exchange with the West is crucial for the success of reform efforts and for building a modern, sovereign state governed by the rule of law. But Europe, too, has something to learn from Ukrainians, and not only lessons of civic courage, self-organization and mass volunteer movements. Ukraine is no longer a terra incognita; it is a source of insights into politics and civil society that might well be relevant to the European present and future. Understanding Ukraine and the nature of the current conflict with Russia is vital for the future of the European endeavor. The project Ukraine in European Dialogue seeks to contribute to this exchange.

The IWM has a long-standing tradition of practical and intellectual solidarity with societies in transition. In its efforts to support Ukrainian civil society and scholarship the Institute has invited numerous fellows from Ukraine in recent decades. Additionally, in 2010 it launched a program for young Ukrainian academics in the field of history; in May 2014 the conference Ukraine: Thinking Together, held in Kyiv, brought together intellectuals and scholars from Ukraine with their counterparts from Western Europe and the US; and the Institute’s journal Transit has published numerous articles on and from Ukraine.

As a prelude to the new project the IWM contributed to the School of Kyiv Biennial which took place in the Ukrainian capital from September 8 to November 1, 2015.

The project Ukraine in European Dialogue has been initiated by the US historian Timothy Snyder and is part of the IWM research focus United Europe – Divided History, which he heads.

Fellowships & Events

The project Ukraine in European Dialogue includes:

  • Andriy Sheptyts’kyi Senior Fellowship for outstanding international scholars in the fields of public ethics, religion and politics
  • Junior Fellowships for scholars from Ukraine in history and the social sciences
  • Short-term Solidarity Fellowships for notable scholars from Ukraine whose work has been disrupted by war
  • Conferences, workshops, lectures, seminars and public discussions at the IWM and in Ukraine (Please find a list of public events at the IWM here.)
  • Publications, including focal points in Transit and Eurozine

Further Reading:
Timothy Snyder: New Program: “Ukraine in European Dialogue”, in IWMpost 116.

Further project directed by Tatiana Zhurzhenko:
Russia in Global Dialogue




Fellows and Guests

  • Igor Lukes

    Professor of History and International Relations, The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University; Associate, The Davis Center for Russian Studies, Harvard University; Local Affiliate, Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University

    Visiting Fellow, Ukraine in European Dialogue
    (May – July 2018)
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  • Anton Shekhovtsov

    PhD in Political Science

    Visiting Fellow, Ukraine in European Dialogue
    (January 2016 – July 2018)
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Former Fellows & Guests

School of Kyiv Biennial 2015

Logo_School-of-Kiew.jpg-e1441703589427 The IWM contributed to the School of Kyiv Biennial which took place in the Ukrainian capital from September 8 to November 1, 2015 For more information see the program and videos of selected events.

Focal Point on Eurozine

Eurozine's new focal point aims to tackle Ukraine fatigue in the West and to offer deeper insight into post-revolutionary Ukrainian society.

Archive: Ukraine in Focus

On this blog, curated by Tatiana Zhurzhenko, critical commentators connected to the Institute or its partners shared their views at the height of the crisis in Ukraine.