Russia in Global Dialogue

RiGD_iStock_000016351731_Large_600Does Europe get Russia right? Does Russia get the world right? In the two decades following the end of the Cold War, intellectual interaction between Russia and Europe intensified considerably. More recently, however, there has been a constant failure to engage in a common conversation. Europe’s debate on Russia focuses solely on what Russia lacks–democracy, the rule of law, modernization processes–and tends to view the Putin regime as a “paperback edition” of the Soviet Union. At the same time, the Russian public debate is far from immune to conspiracy theories when trying to explain the changes in the modern world.

There is an urgent need for re-engagement between the Russian debate on the global future and European debate on the choices that Russia faces. With Russia’s recent return to power politics and the fears of a new Cold War this has awakened in the West, this need is even more acute. The project “Russia in Global Dialogue” is a response to this. It is part of the Research Focus Democracy in Question, headed by Ivan Krastev.

Fellowships & Events

The project Russia in Global Dialogue includes:

Former Related Sub-Project:

The Perils of Moralism: Russian Orthodoxy and Russian Politics

Further project directed by Tatiana Zhurzhenko:
Ukraine in European Dialogue

Fellows and Guests

  • Irinia Borogan

    Deputy editor,

    Guest, Russia in Global Dialogue
    (November - December 2016)
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  • Andrei Soldatov

    Russian investigative journalist; editor,

    Guest, Russia in Global Dialogue
    (November–December 2016)
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  • Timothy Colton

    Professor and Chair, Department of Government, Harvard University

    Visiting Fellow
    (September – December 2016)
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Former Fellows & Guests