IWMpost 115



Lectures and Debates

  • Entrechtung & Verrechtlichung: Entpolitisierung der Demokratie? / von Shalini Randeria
  • IWM Lectures in Human Sciences / Report by Magdalena Nowicka
  • Jan Patočka Memorial Lecture / Tischner Debate

Change of the Guard

  • Three Photos / by János Mátyás Kovács
  • Welcome to the IWM


  • Security versus Freedom: A Misleading Trade-Off / by Ilija Trojanow
  • How much Transparency Does Democracy Need? / Debating Europe

From the Fellows

  • Modern Slavery and the Long Reign of Hypocrisy / by Paweł Marczewski
  • Out of Sight, Roma Need not Be out of Mind / by Benjamin Cunningham
  • Marc Chagall: Vitebsk’s Unwanted Son / by Victor Martinovich

Events in Retrospect

Fellows and Guests

Religion and Secularism

  • The Disconnect between Religion and Culture / by Olivier Roy


Books, Articles and Talks


Upcoming Events

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IWMpost 118

Contents From the Fellows The Shipwrecked Mind / by Mark Lilla A Majority of ‘Deplorables’? / by Jan-Werner Müller China is Ready to Build Putin’s Firewall / by Irina Borogan and Andrei Soldatov International Law and Multinormativity ...

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IWMpost 117
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IWMpost 117

Contents Democracy in Question Utopian Dreams of Life Beyond the Border / by Ivan Krastev From the Fellows Can Journalism Survive? Digital Media and the Future of Democracy / Comments by Vlad Odobescu, Sašo Ordanoski, Gemma Pörzgen, Maria ...

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IWMpost 120
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IWMpost 120

Contents Research at the IWM Die Globalisierung hält Einzug am IWM / Interview mit Shalini Randeria Dressing Right: Die Mode der „neuen Rechten“ / von Miloš Vec Modern Tyrants in the Age of Trump / by ...

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