IWMpost 105



European Debates

  • In Search of Europe
  • Platform Agnostics and Cathedral Builders
  • Bad News for the News—by Paul Starr
  • Journalism That Matters—by Bodo Hombach

Conference on Democracy and the Media

  • Troubles in the Newsroom
  • The Watchdog Barks Online—by Sheila S. Coronel

Europa im Diskurs

  • Is Big Brother Watching Us?

Lectures and Discussions

  • Puzzling Identities — IWM Lectures in Human Sciences
  • Shared Responsibility — Jan Patočka Memorial Lecture
  • Secularity in China, Contemporary Capitalism, Narrating Space — Monthly Lectures
  • Chinese Climate, European Leadership — Lecture Series
  • Representing Reality, Branding Culture, Powerful Objects — Lecture Series
  • Life Sciences in Context — Conference
  • Violence and Acknowledgement — Workshop
  • Emotional Capitalism — Workshop
  • Challenging Authorities — Junior Visiting Fellows’ Conference
  • Digitalizing History — Presentation
  • Russia’s Press Perils — Anna Politkovskaya Memorial Lecture
  • Conservatism and Populism — Tischner Debate in Warsaw

Summer School

  • God Is Not Dead

Essays on Eastern Europe

  • The Invisible Minority—by Gerhard Baumgartner
  • Beyond Horror and Mystery—by Daniel Treisman

From the Fellows

  • Authoritarianism 2.0—by Ivan Krastev

Fellows and Guests, Varia


Guest Contributions

  • Selling the Museum—by Julian Stallabrass
  • Leaving Fear Behind—by Yevgenia Markovna Albats


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IWMpost 122

Download Contents Vienna Humanities Festival 2018 Der Weg in die Unfreiheit / von Timothy Snyder Macht und Ohnmacht / Vienna Humanities Festival Signal or Noise? Power and Powerlessness in the Media / by John Palattella Women's Empowerment Sexuelle Belästigung: ...

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IWMpost 121

Download Contents Europa im Eiskurs – Debating Europe Placebo oder Am Anfang war das Wort. Am Ende auch. / von Anna Baar Wie wird unsere Republik in 100 Jahren aussehen? Democracy in Question Europe’s Futures / by Ivan Vejvoda ...

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IWMpost 120

Contents Research at the IWM Die Globalisierung hält Einzug am IWM / Interview mit Shalini Randeria Dressing Right: Die Mode der „neuen Rechten“ / von Miloš Vec Modern Tyrants in the Age of Trump / by ...

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IWMpost 119

Contents From the Fellows Intellectuals in the Age of Right-Wing Insurgency / by Andrew Brandel We Need to Talk: Fostering Dialogue Between Russia and the West / by Walter Kemp The Long Shadows of the Free ...

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