IWMpost 104



Obituary: Tony Judt

  • Eine intellektuelle Reise–von Timothy Snyder
  • Rethinking Post-War Europe—by Tony Judt


  • Europe: A Retired Power—by Ivan Krastev
  • Russia: Lost in Transition—by Leonid Kosals

European Debate on Religion

  • Respecting the Others
  • Solidarity in a Pluralist Age—by Charles Taylor

Conference on Secularism

  • Secularism in Global Perspective
  • Analogues of Secularity—by Sudipta Kaviraj

Lectures and Discussions

  • A Secular Age?—Discussion
  • French Laïcité, Studying Propaganda, Global Warming—Monthly Lectures
  • Traumas and Miracles—Book Presentation
  • The Ambiguity of Political Art, the Climate after Copenhagen—Lecture Series
  • The Europeanness of the Balkans—Christine von Kohl Lecture
  • Modernities Revisited—Junior Visiting Fellows’ Conference
  • Discourses of Violence—Keynote Speech and Conference
  • Europe and Its Nations—Tischner Debate

Conference on Gender

  • Feministische Aufklärung

Essays on Climate Politics

  • Climate Makes History—by Dipesh Chakrabarty
  • Too Big to Succeed—by David G. Victor

From the Fellows

  • Europe’s Killing Fields—by Timothy Snyder
  • The Forgotten Religion—by Lois Lee

Fellows and Guests, Varia


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