The magazine IWMpost reports on the activities of the Institute and offers original contributions by its fellows and guests. IWMpost is published two times a year and sent to subscribers free of charge.


Latest issue: No. 119 – Spring/Summer 2017

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From the Fellows

  • Intellectuals in the Age of Right-Wing Insurgency / by Andrew Brandel
  • We Need to Talk: Fostering Dialogue Between Russia and the West / by Walter Kemp
  • The Long Shadows of the Free Market / by Annemieke Hendriks
  • Structures of Feeling After Yugoslavia / by Chiara Bonfiglioli

Russia in Global Dialogue

  • Russia: Did Liberals Bury Liberalism? / by Lilia Shevtsova

International Law and Multinormativity

  • Discovering, Protecting, Destroying / by Sebastian M. Spitra
  • Law—What is It Good For? / by Ezgi Yildiz and León Castellanos-Jankiewicz

Lectures and Debates

  • Searching for the Commons in Times of New Enclosures / Report by Paweł Marczewski

Events in Retrospect

Ukraine in European Dialogue

  • The Hippies of Soviet Lviv / by Andrei Kurkov


Fellows and Guests


  • Books, Articles and Talks

Upcoming Events



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IWMpost is published two times a year.
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